Getting the Best out of Stretch Film Text

All IBIS Pallet stretch wrapping machines can come with the following stretching systems

Mechanical break Pallet wrapping Machine

This is the cheapest type and is mostly used on basic entry level pallet stretch wrappers. It is recommended for Companies that have from around 1 – 15 pallets to wrap per day. It will use up to double the amount of film in comparison to power stretch pallet wrapping machines.

Electronic break pallet wrapping machine

Using a clutch type system, the amount of stretching can be controlled better than a mechanical break. The amount of stretching on an Electronic break stretch wrapping machine is changed using the control board. This type of stretch wrapping machine can also use up to double the amount of film in comparison to a power stretch pallet wrapping machine.   

Power stretch pallet wrapping machine

This type of stretching is the most popular type. With a sophisticated power stretch system, you can wrap both delicate and light loads using next to zero lay-on force, or very heavy loads where you can increase the secondary stretch for maximum load integrity. Pallet wrappers can have power stretch systems with 1 motor which can stretch the film up to 300% or double motors which allow up to 400% power stretching. Using Hitec stretch film in combination with a double motor system, film can be stretched up to 400% 1 meter of film becomes 5 meters!  If you use 12 rotations (average number of revolutions to secure a pallet) it is possible to secure a heavy load with less than 100 grams of film.

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