Choosing your Pallet Wrapper

IBIS Packaging solutions together with our partners develop innovative pallet wrappers for every industry and application. From our range of solutions our customers can pick the right pallet wrapper for their purpose. Our innovations include:

The flattest patented turntable wrapping machine in the world which doesn’t need a long ramp saving space and making loading and loading of pallets safer and easier.

Mobile rotating arm pallet wrappers fixed to a pallet truck to wrap a pallet anywhere in the factory.

Fully automatic pallet wrappers linked to laser guided vehicles which carry pallets from Production and load and unload from the pallet wrapper to take to its next destination.

IBIS Packaging Solutions Ltd have been the exclusive Agents for C-one Italy for 16 years.  Our successful partnership and continuous growth over the years has given us the expertise you need to supply and maintain your pallet wrapping equipment. We have over 1000 pallet wrapping machine installations in the UK. We supply budget pallet wrappers as well as fully automatic pallet wrapping systems which can include conveyors, integrated top sheet applicators, palletizers, weigh machines, pallet labellers – everything that is required for an efficient turnkey fully automatic end of line system.

We offer a free assessment and trials to make sure that we offer the right stretch wrapping machine for you and your industry. We offer the following types of stretch wrapping machine.

  • Turn table pallet wrapping machines
  • Self-propelled pallet wrapping machines
  • Rotary Arm pallet wrapping machines,
  • Ring wrapping pallet wrapping machines
  • horizontal pallet wrapping machines 

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