Wide width Stretch Film

IBIS can supply stretch wrapping Film in all widths from 50mm to 2m and thickness from 8µm through to 50µm

Using wide film stretchfilm with one of our speedy wrappers requires fewer wraps around the pallet and is one of the quickest ways to wrap a pallet.  The full width of the pallet means the load is particularly secure.  Our simple but robust Speedy Wrapper is not only quick but means no bending or stretching is required when wrapping a pallet.  This significantly improves the Health and safety issues normally associated with manually wrapping a pallet.

Thickness       Length Width
15µm x  1500m 1000mm
15µm x  1500m 1250mm
15µm x  1500m 1500mm
15µm x  1500m 1750mm
15µm x  1500m 2000mm
20µm x  1500m 1000mm
20µm x  1500m 1250mm
20µm x  1500m 1500mm

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