• The IBIS Robot Mobile Pallet Wrapper - P.O.A

The IBIS Robot Mobile Pallet Wrapper - P.O.A

Mobile Pallet Wrappers

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The Ibis Robot Wrapper is self-propelled, powered by batteries, the Robot Wrapper only requires 1 metre clear space around the pallet being wrapped.

The power prestretch system set to 100% film stretching halves the amount of film used and still holds all loads perfectly, including irregular shapes and unstable and deformable products.

The control panel allows different wrapping cycles to be selected and adjustment of all parameters.

No limits - the Ibis Robot Wrapper wraps a load of any weight, dimension, shape and it's especially suited to wrapping irregular loads with it's follower wheel.


  • Move the Wrapper to the Load
  • Wraps in almost any Area
  • Reliable, robust
  • Perfect for every type of product
  • Wraps in almost any Area
  • No maximum weight
  • Good for irreular shapes
  • No fixed working area required
  • Easy thread Carriage
  • 8 Different Wrapping Programs available

Onsite installation and training available

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