Polyester Strap (PET Strap)

Hard polyester strapping bands, including our new GREENSTRAP brand, offer an excellent alternative to steel bands. They perfectly strap loads of changeable capacity. They provide an ideal solution for packaging products which are to be stored outdoors, stay resistant to high temperatures and UV rays. Contrary to steel bands, the polyester (PET) straps do not damage edges of packaged goods, do not corrode or leave rusty stains and are very economical to use. Furthermore, 1 kg of polyester strapping band has four times better usability than 1 kg of steel band. This allows saving at least 30% for every meter of the band. Furthermore, it is highly resistant to external breaking forces (displacements, shocks during transportation).

The PET straps can be bound in three ways: by welding, with the use of a metal clip or – less frequently – a wire clip. Thanks to their unquestionable advantages, these straps have become used in paper, cotton, construction and wood industry, metal processing and many other industries.

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