Stretch Film

Stretch Film


IBIS Packaging Solutions stock many types of hand stretch film to suit all situations.  The newest form of hand stretch film  is Hitec nano hand pallet wrap.  It is thinner, stretches further with outstanding mechanical properties.  IBIS nano hand stretch wrap is available in 450mm wide rolls - slightly wider  than usual - so less turns around a pallet are required when wrapping pallets.  It is available from 8 - 15 microns and can stretch to 100%  We can also supply conventional cast hand stretch from 14 to 30 microns with extended handles or flush cores with a free pair of plastic inserts in every box of 6.

Coreless Pallet Wrap

Coreless pallet wrap is a pre-stretched Product.  The idea of a pre-stretched film is that the operator doesnt need to use much force when wrapping a pallet to get a good pallet stability because the palletwrap has already been stretched.  A comfortable handle is inserted into the centre of the roll for even easier application.

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