• Nano 250% Pallet Wrapper Stretch Film Pallet Wrap - Transparent

Nano 250% Pallet Wrapper Stretch Film Pallet Wrap - Transparent

Machine Stretch Film

Currently Unavailable
  • Price per roll from £35.64
  • 23 Roll Pack / 500mm x 2800m / 12 Micron £948.98 £1,125.85
  • 46 Roll Pack / 500mm x 2800m / 12 Micron £1,863.80 £2,251.70



The Benefits of IBIS Hitec stretch film are:


  • Stretches to higher levels - giving higher force to load
  • Better puncture resistance - film does not break
  • Cheaper per wrap -Thickness can be reduced giving savings of 50%
  • More meters per roll giving less roll changes
  • Ultra clear film allowing labels and bar codes to be read easily under the wrapped pallet
  • Reduced liability towards the Packaging waste regulations
  • Meets your obligation to reduce Packaging waste
  • Hitec qualities that can stretch up to 400%  - 1 metre of film becomes 5 metres


IBIS Hitec is a new technology of multi-layered stretchfilm consisting of  33 layers of film.  This means we can reduce the thickness whilst more importantly retaining a strong holding force ensuring the best possible pallet inegrity.  Hitec Nano stretch film is available in both Machine film and hand film.

We offer a no obligation demonstration of our Product at your warehouse.  We can demonstrate the reduction in film and  how much film you will save using IBIS Hitec.  We can even compare the holding force of our Hitec stretch film against another Product by attaching our electronic instruments to the pallet being wrapped.  This will generate a wifi signal to our computer which will show in graphical form the resul

Onsite installation and training available

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