• IPS600 Air Cushion Machine

IPS600 Air Cushion Machine

Packaging Machine

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IPS600 is an easy operated Industrial Air Cushion packaging system for filling or packaging.

IPS600 is especially using for six sides Protection in box. It can be also used for filling,supporting or fixing goods in box.

The sheet of bubbles produced by the IPS600 is 99% of air and 1% of film. This makes air cushion packing very light and  reduces transportation costs considerably, as well as saving precious space in the warehouse. In fact, 1 m3 of polyethylene film is enough to create about 400 m3 of air cushion material. The air cushion packing is reusable and recyclable. The JP600 system offers you savings of between 30% and 70% compared with other systems.


The adaptability, flexibility and strength of the JP600 air cushion packing makes it suitable for using with a wide variety of fragile and high-value products such as:

1.Crystal ware,


3.Works of art,


5.Electronic devices,

6.Computer components,

7.Household electrical appliances,

8.Spare parts of all descriptions.




Power Supply: 220v,50Hz, 16A Single phase

Air Supply: 0.6Mpa

Speed: 35 Rows/min


Film Roll

PEPE 420mm*55um*700m

PAPE 420mm*45um*700m