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Nano Stretch Film

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Nano 33 layer Hitec Stretch film cuts waste and stretch wrapping costs by up to 50%

The benefit of IBIS 33 layer Nano Hitec stretch film is greater stability and pallet integrity of the wrapped load, together with a substantial reduction in the volume of  stretch film required.  Using our unique electronic  instruments IBIS packaging can match or exceed the holding force and tailor the exact Hitec Product to the customers requirements

Blue = Volume of Packed Load

Yellow = Packaging Costs

Hitec Graph

Thickness um +/- 1m

1215 17 20 23 30 35 
Pre-Stretch %250300 






Width [mm] +/- 5m
500500 500 500 500 500 500 
 Roll wound [m]27002300 2000 1700 1500 1100 900 
 Roll weight [kg] +/- 5%
16.2 17.2 16.9 16.9 17.1 16.5 15.8 
 Roll diameter [mm] +/- 5%
22.7 23.3 23.2 23.2 23.3 22.9 22.5 



IBIS Stretch Film is available to order by phone

Call our sales team on 01639 890609 Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.00pm or
Request a call back Contact us

Nano Hitec hand stretch film

A state-of-the-art alternative to conventional and pre-stretch film.  Available from 8 microns

Main product features:

Constant stretch while wrapping, with guaranteed stable and controlled use.

Stronger edges facilitating unwrapping and making the film less susceptible to edge damage.

Superb film transparency, making it possible to scan the code on the labels placed under the film – no need for external film labelling.

High film tackiness, facilitating the wrapping and packing process. Film “memory”, offering additional protection against load shifting.

Manufacturing technology enabling the use of thinner and lighter roll tubes.

 Type of film
 8μm Pre-Stretch
 HITECH 10μm

10μm Pre-Stretch

 HITECH 12μm

17μm Standard

20μm Standard 

23μm Standard

 No. of layers wrapped around a pallet
 Assessment of load stability

Avg weight of film used to wrap a pallet [g]

185 167 204 204 300 394 457 14 Very stable load
166 152 183 163 267 360 418 12 Stable load
150 136 165 167 230 277 314 10 Unstable load. Risk of damage in transit.

IBIS Hitech Film 

Main product features:

Reduced thickness in comparison to other products with no loss of pallet integrity

High stretchability and tear resistance.

High puncture resistance.

Reduced liability to the packaging waste regulations

Less roll change overs with more film per roll

Substantial cost reductions against power stretch films

Nano super tough Stretch Film

 Nano super tough Quality:  Many older and non power stretch pallet wrappers can't stretch the film enough to take advantantage of the amazing stretchability of the IBIS Nano Hitec quality.    Nano 33 layer super tough is designed for extra heavy unstable loads and will  keep your load  extra secure

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