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IBIS Eco-wave Package is a fully recyclable fiber based packaging materialdeveloped by Corruven that offers good compressive strengthand nesting properties. The product is a laminatedconstruction that combines 100% recycled fibers and acorrugated shape. It is an alternative to foam based productsand paper honeycomb. It is used as protective packaging forend caps, pads, edge protection.

How to order?Key product featuresCertifications
1. Product name
2. Flute height
3. Width x Length
1. Recycled Fibers
2. Good CompressiveStrength
3. Unique Airflow
4. Nested Design
5. Export Ready
✓ IPPC ISPM15 exempt
✓ Certified OCC-E for recyclability


Metric (mm)Imperial (in)
Flute height17.10.67
Format (Width x Length)
1220 x 1219 / 2438 / 3048 / 3658mm
1524 x 2438 / 3048 / 3658mm
48 x 40 / 42 / 48 / 96 / 120 / 144’’60 x 96 / 120 / 144’’
Pitch (+/- 95% interval)
55.5 +/- 2 mm
2.19 +/- 0.08”

Custom sizes and cut to size available on request

Tolerance (+/- 95% interval)

Flute Height+/- 0.5
+/- 0.019
+/- 1.5
+/- 0.059
Length+/- 6.4
+/- 0.250

Physical properties

ValueTest Method
Moisture content

Temperature use
5C to 40C (41F to 104F)

Resin type
ASTM E1333
Resin water resistance
NoneASTM D4317


WeightDensityEdge crush test (ETC)Flat crush test (FCT) UnsupportedFlat crush test (FCT) BoundedModulus of rupture (MOR)Modulus of elasticity (MOE)
Test method

ASTM D2395
Internal test method*
Unit Metric (Imperial)g/m2 (lbs/ft2)
kg/m3 (lbs/ft3)
kg/mm (lbs/in)
kPa (psi)
kPa (psi)
N/mm2 (psi)
N/mm2 (psi)
Flute 19mm

IBIS Eco-wave 1901
1095 (0.22)
58 (3.62)
0.8 (44.8)
70 (10.2)
256 (37)
0.67 (97)
112.5 (16,317)
IBIS Eco-wave 1902
1460 (0.30)
77 (4.81)
1.4 (78.4)
100 (14.5)
401 (58)
1.13 (163.9)
162 (23,496)

The mechanical properties set forth in the above table are results obtained following specific tests carried out at our Corruven laboratory in accordance with TAPPI and ASTM test methods. Results disclosed herein are for information purposes only and represent average values. As testing has been carried out in the Corruven laboratory and in a controlled environment 45% RH, 20oC, results may vary in different environments. * Our internal Flat Crush test method was made using our own fixture that bounds the sides of the corrugation (See SOP-COR-007)


Raw Sheets; 480x per pallet CorrPack RE 1901; 360x per pallet CorrPack RE 1902 Cut to Size; quantity varies per product size 

Storage and Handling

IBIS Eco-wave Package is manufactured in a controlled environment at 45 to 60% relative humidity and temperature of 15 to 25 ºC (59to 77 ºF). Despite its sturdy laminated construction, surface, panel edges and panel corners are vulnerable to damage andshould always be protected.

Points to watch when handling IBIS Eco-wave Package are:

1. Store panels flat and level.
2. Keep finish faces inward and cover stacks to protect from bumping and abrasion.
3. Protect panel edges and corners.
4. Allow 24 hours inside your facility before processing.
5. Large moisture changes can cause shrinking or expansion of the panel length.
6. If manual handling of raw sheets, it is recommended to handle multiple sheets at same time to reduce deformation.

IBIS Eco-wave Protect is available to order by phone or email

Call our sales team on 01639 890609 Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.00pm or
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