• Automatic Strapping Machine IB 702-59

Automatic Strapping Machine IB 702-59

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IB-702 is a world-class high-speed automatic strapping machine. The innovative features and superior performance give IB-702 a voice to speak for itself. It offers you the maximum value with the minimum cost. So little to pay and yet so much to get.
 In this category, we have three models to meet your various needs:

  • High-speed automatic P.P. strapping machine IB-702
  • High-speed automatic P.P. strapping machine with dual press IB-702P
  • High-speed automatic P.P. strapping machine for small or round package IB-702RS

Robust & Compact Mechanical Strapping Head

Mercury uses the latest DC brushless motor technology to provide the highest level of accuracy and reliability on the market. All motors are German-made.

The strapping head has no belts, clutches or pulleys. It is designed with up-to-date technology with few moving parts. With 30% fewer parts, Mercury requires fewer adjustments and less maintenance, and has fewer wear components. The simple design of Mercury minimizes the maintenance cost.

Free Access to Strap Guides (patents registered)

Hinged top plate makes easy access to the strapping head for quick maintenance. Unblock the guides enabling free and quick access to the strap guides without use of any tools. The most maintenance-friendly design.

Waist-High Auto Strap Feeding

Friendly design to feed the strap automatically from the upper side of the coil without the need to access to the bottom of the machine.

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