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Packing and distribution is undergoing a revolution. The revolution comes in the form of autonomous guided vehicles. Here at IBIS, we are dedicated to bringing the latest in packaging innovation to our customers. It is with great pleasure we introduce the latest in internal logistics. GoPal. As part of our fully automated and bespoke distribution solution service, this state of the art pallet transport solution creates unparalleled efficiency. 

Internal logistics consumes large amount of resources which do not contribute directly to your value chain

Actions are taken to minimize transport, e.g. optimizing factory layout, using machines in pairs and introducing buffer stocks etc.

Today necessary transport is done by:

  • Persons with pallet jacks/lifters
  • Manned forklifts
  • Usage of special designed trolleys or racks
  • Static conveyor systems
  • Traditional Automated Guided Vehicles

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GoPal uses GoPalPallet Stations for loading and unloading a pallet.

The Pallet Station is designed for GoPal to drive under the pallet and then lift it off the Station and onto the GoPal itself.

The GoPal Pallet Stations can be delivered in different configurations; standard, with elevation or interface 


The GoPal solution includes:

  • GoPal robot(s)
  • GoPal pallet stations for pick-up and delivery
  • GoControl server dispatching transport orders to the robot(s)
  • Call buttons and/or integration to ERP/WMS system to initiate transport 

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